I’m a complete tech geek, if you know me, this admission comes as no surprise.

I’ve lost track of the amount of apps I’ve tried over the years, but I know it’s a lot. I also like organisation, once I have no more use for an app, it gets deleted instead of taking up space.

This means, that from hundreds of apps, few survive. What’s left is only the useful few that make my life better/easier.

In this post, I’m going to share the top 6 apps I use for fitness so you can try them out for yourself.

The Top 6 Fitness Apps


MyFitnessPalMyFitnessPal has to be the leading nutrition tracking app and was recently bought by UnderArmour for $475 million.

The advantage this app has over the others is its huge database which makes adding foods quick and easy. You can take most foods, scan them and enter your serving size in a matter of seconds. When you’re tracking, ease and speed of use is a massive plus.

There are areas where the app falls short, the nutritional insights for example. I also think the premium version, which is where the best features for flexible dieting are, is way too much for what it is.

But, until the competition can match the database, it will be my go to app for nutrition.

Visit MyFitnessPal.


Strides AppWhat MyFitnessPal is to nutrition, Strides is to habits.

I’ve started to use habit based approaches personally and professionally with great success.

Our day to day behaviour influences the results we get and Strides is a great to way to stay accountable.

You can track a wide range of goals and habits, from day to day behaviour, to longer term SMART goals.

Again, there is an element of gamification to this as you try and keep your success rate up. If you’re on a good run, you don’t want to break the chain and miss a day.

I track all my goals on here, financial, fitness and personal. My consistency with my behaviour has improved since using this, so have my results.

Visit Strides

Elite HRV

Elite HRVElite HRV measures your heart rate variability. What this is exactly, is a post for another time. In short, it’s a way of measuring your body’s ability to handle stress on a given day. I test my HRV first thing every morning.

This shows you if you’re recovering well enough, or if the body is overreaching and you need to back off. Using this feedback, you can push hard when the body is ready, and back off when it isn’t.

‘Listening’ to the body in this way, you can avoid doing too much and train for longer and more consistently.

If you want to read more on this, there’s a great post recently by Brett Contreras on this topic.

Visit HRV Elite


MyZoneMyZone is both a heart rate monitor and an app. I only recently started training with it, but now I don’t train without it.

The obvious benefit is seeing the effect of different workouts, exercises and rep ranges. Being able to see how your heart rate changes throughout a workout is useful information. Are you training as hard as you thought you were?

But MyZone has an extra, not so obvious benefit, it awards you MEPS. MEPS are points that you earn for spending time in different heart rate zones. The more time you spend near your max heart rate, the more points you get.

So what? That’s what I thought until I started using it. Surely points are just a gimmick?

Maybe, but the points gamify the process. The offer short term rewards for your efforts. Each workout you want more points, more points than the other users on the app.

I’ve found myself doing a few more reps, training a little harder, resting a little less, all in the name of MEPS. I’ve also noticed an improvement in my consistency, no workout no MEPS, and I can’t have that.

Points don’t make you stronger or leaner, but the process of earning them does, that’s what matters.

Anything that makes you train a harder and be more consistent, is never a bad thing in my books.

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Sleep Cycle

Sleep CycleBeing in bed is one thing, being asleep is another. Sleep cycle monitors the different stages of your sleep and gives you a quality score in the morning. The better you sleep, the higher the score. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but that’s not the point.

If you’re getting 5 hours of low-quality sleep a night, whether it’s a few minutes off or not, you need to sort it out.

The main benefit for me is the tagging feature. Before you set the alarm you can tag anything that might affect your sleep. As the app collects data, you can see what makes your sleep better and what makes it worse.

For example, you may tag when you’ve had a drink to see how your sleep quality changes. This is something I do, and my Klients.

This, used with HRV in the morning, can offer useful insights into the relationship between sleep and recovery.

Visit Sleep Cycle


HeadSapceIf you’ve got a busy mind, then meditation will do wonders, but that’s not why I’m featuring it here.

Meditation has a positive effect on willpower and we al know we could do with more of that.

Willpower is a depletable resource, so anything that helps keep it topped up is worth trying.

My ability to avoid short-term gratification, for long term reward has improved since meditating.

I’m often met with a lot of scepticism on this one, but those that are willing to try it rarely look back. It’s only 10 minutes, but the benefit of those 10 minutes lasts throughout the day.

Headspace offers guided meditation through a range of different themes. If you’re new to the meditation world, this app is a great place to start.

Click here to get some Headspace

Gym Hero

GymHeroTo make progress in your workouts you have to test the body a little more each time. Less rest, more reps, more weight, more sets, anything that overloads the muscles a little more than before. To do this you need to record what you do in training.

I have started using an app called GymHero. It’s very simple, but that’s what I like about it. At the end of the day, in the gym, I’m there to train, not admire the graphics of an app or chase Pokemon. This does everything I need by recording exercises, sets and reps and weight.

Another cool feature is that at the end of the workouts you get a graphic showing you the muscles you worked, exercises completed, sets, reps and total volume. If you geek out in data a bit, it’s perfect.

Sure pen and paper works fine too, but for me, this is much more convenient as I listen to Spotify on my phone anyway.

Visit Gym Hero

A word of warning.

I once had an app where you could log everything you did in a day so you could see how and where you spent your time. With the data, you could see where you could be more productive. At least I think that was the idea.

This app stressed. me. the. fu8k. out.

I’d forget to log time, it would put me in the wrong places, it was just a pain in the ass. I got zero positive benefits, in fact, it had a negative impact on my life.

When delving into the tech world, less can be more. Make sure that the apps you’re using improve your life, not make it more stressful. If they don’t make things easier, or simpler, get rid.

These apps do that for me, I hope that, in some way, they can do the same for you.

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