Expected or unexpected, there’s going to be times when you won’t be able to stick to your usual routine. Whether it’s a last-minute business trip, travelling home to see the family at Christmas or a planned summer holiday, life is asking you a question.

Do you let this get in the way of your goals, or do you adapt and stay consistent?

Of course, doing no training is an option. I know that if I have a holiday, my goal to relax and recharge trumps my fitness goal and I will structure my training to allow me to rest. If I choose to train, it’s a bonus.

But, for a lot of people, keeping things ticking over is important. Doing something to maintain momentum makes it easier to get back into a routine when you get back.

You may be able to find a local gym, and everything is sweet. But you may find yourself with no gym and equipment, and that’s when you have to have a plan.

Fortunately, you can still get a lot done with a small amount of space and no equipment. If you’re used to only moving heavy weight, then these will come as a pleasant change and probably a challenge.

If you’re into the sadistic lactic inducing HIIT workouts that make me cry, these will put a smile on your face.

To help you keep up consistency when life gets in the way, I have created 6 bodyweight workouts you can anywhere.

Everything you need is there. The exercises, times, reps, sets and instructions.

At the end of the post, you’ll have the opportunity to download all the workouts so you can print them out or save them on your phone to use.

Let’s take a look at the workouts.


The Gambler

You’ll need a pack of cards for this one.
This workout is unpredictable, a lot of fun and bloody hard. What more do you need?

The setup is simple. Each suite represents a different exercise.

  • Hearts = Push Ups
  • Spades = Cross Body Mountain Climbers
  • Diamonds = Prisoner Squat
  • Clubs = Squat Jump

The number on the card is the number of reps. All pictures are 10 and Aces are 15.

Shuffle the pack and place them face down. Start the timer.
Turn over the first card and do the exercise.

Don’t stop the timer until you have completed all 52 cards.

You can rest, but the timer doesn’t stop. The goal is to complete the entire deck of cards as fast as possible.

Record your time, and when you do it again, try and beat it.

Burpee Battle

The goal of this workout is simple. But don’t mistake that for easy.

You have to do 20 Burpees every minute on the minute. Any time that is left after you have done 20 reps is your rest.

EG. If it takes you 30s to do 20 Burpees, then you get 30s rest.

As you fatigue, it will take longer, and you will get less rest.

Stop when you can no longer complete 20 Burpees in the 60s.

Record how many rounds you managed and then try and do one more next time.

Bring Sally Up

Squat Version

This is a musical workout.

You’ll need to find the track “Flower” by Moby.
Here is a link to YouTube for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6A2V9Bu80J4&list=RD6A2V9Bu80J4#t=0

You need to pay attention to two lyrics.

Bring Sally up

Bring Sally Down.

Start in the bottom position of a squat and pass play.

When the song says “Bring Sally Up” move into the top of a squat.
Stay there until you hear, “Bring Sally Down”. When you do, move into the bottom position of a squat. Stay here until you here “Bring Sally Up” again.

The goal is to try and make it to the end of the song.

Push Up Version

This is the same as above, but with push ups. Oddly.

Start in the bottom position of a push up and pass play. You can do full push ups or push ups on your knees.

When the song says “Bring Sally Up” move into the top position of a push up.
Stay there until you hear, “Bring Sally Down”.

When you do, move into the bottom position of a push up. Stay here until you here “Bring Sally Up” again.

The goal is to try and make it to the end of the song.

Heartbreak Hotel

This workout is 2 circuits based on time. It takes advantage of a method called peripheral heart action to burn calories and work muscles.

You do a lower body exercise, then an upper, then core, then full body/cardio. This will get the heart rate up and muscles burning.

Complete 5 rounds of the first circuit before moving on to the 2nd.

Do as many reps, with good form, as you can in the time. Be strict with the rests, no slacking off!

Record how many reps you do for each exercise and try and beat it next time you workout.

Straight To The Kore

This workout is a core only workout.
Each exercise targets a different part making sure you tick all the boxes.

You can do this workout on its own, or at the end of another, up to you.

Perform all the exercises in order, rest for 30s and the repeat 5 times.

As you improve, feel free to increase the number of rounds.


I Got A Little Something For You.

Reading these workouts your phone every time you want to do them can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Don’t worry, I put all the workouts into a PDF which makes them a lot easier to use. You can save them on your phone, or print them off and record your workouts on them.

All you have to do to download all 5 workouts with instruction is tell me where to send them.

Over To You.

As I said at the start, training or no training, it’s up to you.

But if you often find yourself away from your usual surroundings and frustrated you can’t do anything, now you can. You can even pop these into your regular routine, you don’t have to wait to be travelling to use them.

So get out there and put them to use.

I hope you enjoy them. If you do, let me know in the comments section below. It would be great to hear how you get on.

Thanks for reading.